Assuntina lives and teaches yoga in Brighton, specifically Patcham, that little suburb that exists quietly just at the very entrance to Brighton as you come off the A23!

I’ve been practising various forms of yoga since 1990 and trained with the British Wheel of Yoga, qualifying in 2005.

Before becoming a yoga teacher I worked in the caring professions for years in London.  Yoga was a background activitiy for me then: keeping me sane when life was hectic and stressful.

However, like many people who come to yoga in times of crisis,  I had a life changing experience.  Yoga changed for me at that point.  Although I loved my work, I wanted something in my life that would fit better with my spiritual values and that could also work at a more profound level, to remind me that life is precious and there is no better place to be than in the Now.  I still work in the caring professions, supporting elderly people who are isolated and lonely by finding them befrienders.  If anything, I’m more aware than ever how fleeting life is, and that being grounded in the present moment is the only way to go.

Whilst that all sounds very serious, when you come to my classes you’ll still have a bit of a laugh whilst you work quite hard.  Its the usual: posture work, stretching, building core muscle strength, breathing, meditating and best of all relaxing.

Come and have a try, all are welcome.

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