Posted by: assuntina | December 10, 2010


I am just about to start a new job.  I’m not giving up the yoga teaching, it’s more that Ill be incorporating back into my life, the community work that I used to do before I became a yoga teacher.  I gave it up when my boy started school and I turned to yoga as a profession as I knew it would give me flexibility not just in my mind and body but also in my family life.  It meant I could stay at home more and look after my family.  But now my son is in secondary school and I miss the community work despite how much I love yoga. 

To get myself back into the field, I started volunteering recently and as part of that just today I was in my local park where a group of mums came together to fundraise to do up the park which had become grotty and unloved.  These women are inspirational; with support from a community worker they found nearly one hundred thousand pounds and the park is slowly transforming into something with life and zest.  Today we were planting tiny trees, over a hundred of them, donated to us by the Woodland Trust, another inspirational body who promote the planting and loving of trees.  The weather was vile, pouring rain, and our hands were covered with mud; somehow even my face was covered in mud by the time we got home, but there were plenty of us there and we did it within a couple of hours. Despite the weather, the feeling was of satisfaction and achievement, and making a difference.  These are gloomy times, but days like today remind me that there is much to be inspired by if only I can be bothered to think that way.

My life is going to become busier with a new job and I’ll need to maintain balance in it so that I don’t end up driving myself crazy with the juggling of it all.  At this point though, all I feel is excited about the new possibilities opening up in front of me.


  1. Congratulations lady! So glad the classes are continuing. You help so many people every week with your skillful teaching of the ancient yogic stuff. Long may you grow and prosper!

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