Posted by: assuntina | December 16, 2015

Christmas break- see you in 2016

Both my classes have now finished for 2015.  The last Wednesday morning class was today.  In honour of it being the last class and the busy season, we did some gentle restorative relaxation for the final 25 minutes using bolsters, blocks, blankets and eye covers to create a totally restful and peaceful space.  My students lay in supported cobbler pose focusing on the outbreath and allowing their bodies to melt into the support.  Sometimes,  deep relaxation of only 20 minutes can keep you going for hours after.  If you feel yourself getting stressed during the next couple of weeks, stick on a relaxation CD or find something you like on your phone, put your ear plugs in, cover up your eyes and lock the door for 10 minutes.  Or if you find that stillness doesn’t help, do a few gentle rounds of Sun Salute then sit quietly for 3 minutes watching your breath.

January’s classes start on Wednesday 6th. 

A reminder that the Monday evening class has now moved to Wednesday evenings, times still 6pm til 7.15pm.  Various students have moved out the area or transferred to my day time class so we have lots of spaces.

If you’d like to come along to this class, please let me know.  And do let other people know too.

In the meantime, feel the ground under your feet and the chair under your bottom moving upwards to support you.  Let gravity help you.

Many thanks and here’s hoping you all have a lovely Christmas break and get some good rest amongst all the festivities.

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