Posted by: assuntina | December 2, 2015

Christmas is on it’s way

And unless I practise regularly at this time of year, I can feel my joints starting to stiffen, especially my hips.  I started going to yoga classes in my late 20s on my doctor’s advice: I had problem hips and would sometimes be trapped in a cross legged position.  Not sure what that was all about, but one of life’s irritating gifts in my genes somewhere.  As long as I maintain a regular yoga practice, my hips are generally fine but as soon as I stop, I will find myself getting up from a chair or the floor and hobbling like an old lady for a few moments until they settle down again.  Winter is obviously much worse for me in this respect, and so there is a great focus on hip openers both in my personal practice and also in my teaching.  So in class we are doing among others, seated twists, cow face, and the preparation for king pigeon pose regularly. The last pose in particular is felt deep in the glutes/hips and although can be tough, it is also surprisingly satisfying to stretch and let go into.  It’s one of those poses where you have to surrender into the discomfort, stop fighting it, and gently let it wash over you.  A bit like Christmas in a way.

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