Posted by: assuntina | August 28, 2008

Good, bad, and the way it is

Looking out of my window onto the misty downs overlooking Patcham, I’m thinking, yes the summer is over and there’s that autumnal feeling just around the corner again…. 

Despite the weather, I’ve had a good summer. I went camping a couple of times, in the rain; had another phase of separation from my angel child when he went abroad for the first time without me; read some great books (Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert being my fave), listened to some wonderfully inspiring music (especially the new Coldplay cd), and had a fantastic blast of meditation helping me get back on track with that aspect of my journey. 

Having just come back from the wonderful Amaravati Thai Forest Monastery near Hemel Hempstead that’s what’s uppermost for me.  This is an annual family camp run jointly by the monks/nuns and family members, some of whom have seen their kids grow from babes to adults coming back with their own kids in tow. It was an experience to savour: singing, dancing, meditating (or trying to to while Ian rolled into my back) sitting in the beautiful silent shrine room with the golden buddha emanting peace and healing. 

But groups are hard work aren’t they?  They are for me.  Whether it’s office politics or group holidays reminding us (whether we’re aware of it or not), of our families of origin and all the great stuff that took place there!  Conflict is inevitable, it’s how we deal with it that counts.  And at Amaravati I saw great examples of dealing with issues with sensitivity and lack of judgement or blame.  As always coming back to Awareness.  The theme of the week was ‘good bad and the way it is’ reminding us to let go of needing things to be a certain way.  How refreshing is it when I can actually do it.  And that’s when I start to understand that pain is inevitable and normal but suffering doesn’t have to be. Having gone on and on in classes about the need to be in the present moment, I find that this summer I’ve actually managed to do it myself.  So please listen to me and do it too, it really helps!  If only in dealing with the crummy weather at least.


  1. Really enjoyed this blog post Madame you. Was interested to see at the Royal Society Thursday lecture this week the topic ” Is suffering a part of wellbeing?” I have to say yes! Somehow I kind of like it, drama queen at all. But on the other side of suffering, there always seems to be growth. A bit like childbirth. All inevitable in the cycle of life, death, renewal. Maybe we have to learn from pain sometimes, but yes, there are other ways. Thanks for the reminder to be blogging again! Need a more personal space for it right now. xxx Libby

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