Posted by: assuntina | July 29, 2008

summer yoga in Patcham

Summer holidays are here, yippee!  Time to wear sandals and dresses, and raincoats of course, given it’s lush and verdant England.  I will be away for some of August so read on to find out what classes you can go to.

Ok, so most of the classes I teach have stopped now it’s the summer holidays, and won’t be up and running again til September.  However, I am still teaching the Thursday morning drop in at Patcham Community Centre right through the summer except for Thursday August 7th when I’ll be away and will have nobody to cover for me.  Whichever of the classes you usually go to, you’re welcome to come along to this instead.  See the Yoga Classes page for details.

The Monday evening group marked the end of the term by having dinner at the wonderful Preston Park Tavern in Havelock Road.  We’ve done this several years in a row now, and it’s a great opportunity to catch up on how people are getting on in their practise.  The food is some of the best I’ve eaten in Brighton, or anywhere come to that, and the atmosphere is as they say, convivial, and it’s interesting to see people off their mats and in their civvies.  Interesting too for me is the adjustment I make from being teacher to just being one of the gals.  In the course of the evening we talked about how the yoga practise has helped one of the students sort out her frozen shoulder, and how it has helped the rest of the class feel sane and relaxed.  Aside from yoga conversations we talked about our kids, grandchildren, pets, partners, what shoes to wear and where to buy the latest pink high heels at a bargain price, and who of us has style and who of us sadly doesn’t.  I came into the second category unfortunately.  I had the wrong shoes on.  My favourite DM sandals.  Clodhoppers our glamourous student called them.

Anyway, I’m off camping this weekend to Buddhafields in Devon where stylish shoes will be the least of my problems as I expect to spend the entire week in wellies (actually they are quite stylish and have big pink flowers on them…).  I’m looking forward to spending longer times meditating than I usually do, and generally being in a retreat type situation, my batteries will get recharged and I can’t wait.

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